Screen Ruler Pro 6.0
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Screen Ruler Pro 6.0

Screen Ruler Professional is a measurement tool for Windows and Mac OS
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Do you need a way to measure the distance between two points on your screen? To get the exact location and size of an element on a web page? To measure in pixels, centimeters, millimeters, points, inches or your own units? If so -- Screen Ruler is your choice.

Main Features:

- Background and colors -- you are free to change the background color and the color for the text and guides (just click the respective items from the context menu)
- Transparency / Translucency -- yo can adjust the transparency level both from the "background" dialog (look for the "alpha" input box) or from the "Transparency" dialog (accessible from the context menu and shortcut keys)
- Vertical / Horizontal Guides -- as in photo-editing software, you can drag guides from the left and top tickers and unlike old versions of Screen Ruler now you can have unlimited guides
- Flying Figures and Rotation -- you can use several types of figures to help you in your measurements -- circle, ellipse, rectangle, square, triangles (look at the "Flying Figure" menu for full list); Each Figure can be rotated and the program gives you the rotation angle, figure sizes, perimeter, area...
- Inner Ruler -- One special "flying figure" is the inner ruler (you'll see it loaded by default) -- the idea behind it is that it can be rotated too.
- Units -- by default Screen Ruler comes with several units predefined (pixels, centimeters, milimeters, inches, points) but it is quite easy to add your own units to the list
- Direction -- you can now set the direction of the tickers (top-left / top-right / bottom-left / bottom-right) -- another long waited feature for some of the users of the previous versions.
- The magnifier is now better (offering "raster grid" and color picker for example)
- You can load images directly in the ruler (see the "Image" menu)
- A lot of customization options -- large part of the program's menus is devoted to these show/hide turn on/turn off customization options...
- Multi-display support (another feature people were asking for)


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